4x Health


400% Maximum HP


-50% Credit Gain


Human Campaign, Level 1


4x Health Mode is a mode that gives you 400% health in exchange for 50% credits gain reduction. It is unlocked by getting the secret, Love is Blind. 4x Health is recommended for beginners and if you want to get a better Kill:Death ratio. However, your enemies in 4x health mode also has 4x health.

How to get it

  1. Go to level 1 human campaign: Breaking in.
  2. When J.Rockit says, "OH CRAP, LOOK AT THAT MISSILE", you run back up the conveyor belt, and don't stop running right on the conveyor belt until the missile strikes.
  3. Try to get back up onto the mud path you came down on. (This is a bit tricky and you'll need a bit of patience.
  4. Go back into the sheltered area at the start of the mission.
  5. A Heart will be there. Get to the heart.


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