Alien Commander

The Alien Commander is a master tactician and a high ranking military commander. He is the latest commander along with several others which surprisingly don't talk. It is supposed they don't talk because of their poor English. The Alien Commander is very clever and has a never-say-die spirit, which spurs him on to accomplish his task. He is the protagonist of the Alien Campaign and the antagonist of the Human Campaign. The Alien Commander takes a preference to alien weapons, like the Destroyer and etc, but will not hesitate to use human weapons if necessary, as well as the latest technology, e.g., teleport. The Alien Commander is a perfectionist, expecting other people to be perfect in everything they do. His most noticable component is his teleportation. He is also surprisingly fluent in English, supposedly because he has studied the language.



Equipment and Ability

FaceComAlien Commander
No, fight as a team,
and we will prevail!

An example of the commander's never-say-die spirit

Alien Commander

The teleport ability on the commander's back. Can you see it?

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