Armor Plating


Immune to fire and critical hits and head/butt/crotch shots.






The armor plating essentially nullifies fire damage and critical effects of shots aimed at your head, butt and crotch. Simply put, this armor equalizes the damage of every shot you receive, and no criticals means no sudden life drop -giving you the upper hand in close up encounters. Also, it nullifies all multipliers of damage from the Precision Laser (Critical++), the Magnum (Headshot++), .50 cal sniper rifle (headshot++), the M9 Barret (crotch shot++), and Target Marker (20% Damage to all Critical).Other abilities are recommended to withstand the Impossible Three. Unfortunately, this ability is outclassed by Combat Armor and Adrenaline Boost. Armor Plating is automatically equipped in level 3 human campaign, because you need to test out the Flamethrower, and because it's a splash weapon, some of the fire also gets onto you. Since level 3 is for new player, programmers choose to help them.


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