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The Armory is the place where you buy stuff, such as weapons or equipment, that will help you in the game with the credits you earn in battle, or view your profile. The Armory also notes down your statistics in battle and adds it to the global stats tracking board. It is unknown how the kill bonuses page got put onto the armory.

(The game saves every Quick, or campaign game your play.*)


Main article: Skins

- Raze Soldier: (Cost: Free)

- Covert Ops: (Cost: Free)

- Captain Biggs: (Cost: 50)

- Space: (Cost: 50)

- Camouflage: (Cost: 50)

- Soldier: (Cost: 50)

- Soldier (Alternate): (Cost: 50)

- Johnny Rockit: (Cost: 100)

- Johnny Rambo: (Cost: 100)

- Miner: (Cost: 100)

- Dani: (Cost: 100)

- Dani (Helmet): (Cost: 100)

- AddisonR: (Cost: 250)

- Juice Tin: (Cost: 250)

- Albino Alien: (Cost: 150)

- Desert Alien: (Cost: 150)

- Marine Alien: (Cost: 150)

- Space Alien: (Cost: 150)

- Jungle Alien: (Cost: 150)

- Commander Alien: (Cost: 200)

- Desert Bot: (Cost: 150)

- Space Bot: (Cost: 150)

- Mining Bot: (Cost: 150)

- Snow Bot: (Cost: 200)

- Jungle Bot: (Cost: 200)

- Urban Zombie: (Cost: 150)

- Beach Zombie: (Cost: 150)

- Elderly Zombie: (Cost: 150)

- Biker Zombie: (Cost: 200)

- Biker Zombie (Alternate): (Cost: 200)


Equipment helps you in battle in various ways, though they can be grouped into 3 categories.

Defensive focuses on protection of the player.

Utility focuses upgrading stuff

Offensive improves your gun's stats

Defensive Equipment:[]

None Nothing Free (default)
Flux Capacitator 20% less damage when shield is activated* 400 cr
Medipack Regenerates health when under 40% (stops at 41%)*** 800 cr
Armor Plating Immune to fire and crit bonus damage 1200 cr
Combat Armor +50% health** 1600 cr

Adrenaline Boost

A fatal shot will only bring your health down to 1%*** 2000 cr
Mutation +100% health**
Mutated +400% health**

Utility Equipment:[]

None Nothing Free (Default)
Point Allocator +2 cr per kill 600 cr
Pickup Booster +60% health/shield instead of +40% 900 cr
Power Extender +40% powerup duration 1200 cr
Cooling Packs +30% Ability recharge rate (purple bar) 1500 cr
Shield Battery Spawn with 25% shield* 1800 cr

Offensive Equipment:[]

None Nothing Free (Default)
Stabilizer +40% accuracy 1000 cr
Spiral Chamber Weapons fire farther 1200 cr
Target Marker +20% damage to crit areas 1400 cr
Hair Trigger +20% fire rate 1600 cr
Extra Clips Weapons have full ammo when picked up 1800 cr

*These 2 are best when paired.

**Useless on last level of human campaign (max health is 500%, so the extra 50% disappears)


Main article: Abilities

Resupply Adds 1 clip of ammution to any gun. (If you have Extra clips enabled you will refill all the extra ammo clips that gun carries instead of 1) 20 sec Free (Default)
Cloak Invisible for 4 sec. 10 sec 500 cr
Static Field Creates an electric field around the user, reflecting anything during activation, but forces user to lock down. 10 sec 1300 cr
Emergency Heal Heal the user for 60% health, and nearby allies for 30% health. 15 sec 1500 cr
Katana User is able to damage nearby enemies, and/or reflect projectles. 2 sec (fastest) 2200 cr
Grenade User is able to throw a grenade at a target, which explodes in 1 sec. 5 sec 2800 cr
Land Mine User drops a mine anywhere on the ground which will explode only when an enemy steps onto it. Max drops is 3 at any time 7 sec 3500 cr
Teleport Teleports user to a random place. Requires 1/3 of user's energy bar 7 sec (total) 5000 cr*

* - available in debug - requires credit pack