The Bots (Robots)

Bots are non-living technology that can act and think like a human. These bots are characterised by their intelligence, higher durability as compared to humans(130% HP), and speech. It is presumed that they are all controlled by a main supercomputer situated near where these bots would operate. They sometimes turn against humans due to corrupt CPU systems and may pose a threat. In their first appearance, they are Transport Bots. Later on, they become Security Bots with 200% health. They only changed bots due to a mission that the aliens controlled the Transport Bots.



This is what the bot might look like. I just chose a random bot and ended up with the transport bot.



  • Defensive - Training bots - Combat Armor, Other bots - Mutation (Bot version)
  • Utility - Unknown
  • Offensive - Unknown
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