Description and Objectives

An extremely new yet classic game mode in Raze 2. In this mode, you and your team have to get the opponents' flag by any means possible. Sneaking into enemy territory, sniping all of them off, the means of getting the flag is infinitely possible. Watch out, 'cause the opponents will also be hunting down your flag!


- Try planting some mines under your flag, then watch your opponent's face (or feet in this case) as they go down when they get your flag! Very devious strategy.

-Try cloaking and sneaking into your opponent's base. Grab the flag and get away, because they are sure to notice.

-Snipe them all first, then grab the flag and go. The Railgun and the Electro Bolt are very useful here and occasionally the Rocket Launcher.

-Throw a Grenade into the base. 99.9% guaranteed deaths of your enemies!

-Defend your flag, if no one is at the base as enemies will take your flag if it is not well guarded.

-After kill a Mob of players, trying to get your flag, go after their flag. Be quick. They'll quickly respawn.

-The static field is also a good ability. It is the only ability that can still be effective while carrying the flag. However, its short lifetime means that it is only good for clearing enemy defense and escaping. You also cannot activate it while carrying the flag

-The AI even in insane mode will not go directly to the their team base but stay and fight. Usually they die.

-Teleport is not effective, because you can't use it on the way back.

-Find an opening that allows you to jump directly onto the enemy flag. Jump next to the flag, then turn on your static field. Suicide for them! Usually most of them will die. Run out of the enemy territory, and you are done!


-In real life of Capture the Flag, the flag is at a different place to the base where you return the enemy flag.

Kill bonuses available

  • Show off! (Kill an enemy while carrying the flag)
  • Show stopper (Kill an enemy carrying your flag
  • In hard mode, it is easier to earn static field kills.
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