Characters are objects that exist and play a role in the Raze world. They are it's "people". There are several, such as:

  • Humans:
    • Raze soldier
    • Md.Sage
    • Ex.Treem
    • J.Rocket
    • Cpt.Biggs

  • Aliens
    • Commanders
    • Albino Aliens
    • Desert aliens
    • Jungle aliens
    • Mining aliens...
    • aquatic aliens
  • Zombies
    • Unknown group of Zombies that fought the aliens before being "tamed".
    • Unknown group of Zombies that fought/fight the humans.
  • Robots
    • Usually security bots, training bots, equipped with the robotic version of the equipment, mutation or combat armor. Cpt. Biggs managed to activate the robots that he was supposed to be delivering to the space station, and helped him kill the aliens while cpt. biggs took an escape pod back to earth.

Depending on the gameplay, the characters may die or not. There is not much detail about each of the characters.

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