Awesome weapons, able to tear opponents with full health apart in less than 5 seconds. They envoke fear in the field and, once aquired, a player is assured control of the battle. It is possible to rack up a "Godly--25 Kill Streak" if you are skilled enough. Raze 1 Weapons only.


(Raze 1)

  1. Rocket Launcher
  2. Railgun
  3. Icy Chaingun

These weapons are deadly because not only they can kill fast, they kill multiple enemies at a time. The rocket launcher does this by extreme splash damage, only weapon in game that can kill someone walking above through a thin platform like the ones in the abandonment. (e.g. you shoot a rocket at someone at a level above you and it kills them with one shot) The railgun can shoot multiple people by being the only weapon in the game to kill without splash damage or inaccuracy like the rocket launcher or chaingun by shooting through people. The icy chaingun, however, can shoot multiple people at a time by firing inaccurately using a "conical" firing line. Sadly, this "conical fire" greatly reduces the damage done, so it means that it leaves you with a choice- Either kill one person at a time fast or kill lots of people at a time slowly.

The weapons of the Great Three of Raze 1 should be rechecked. If anyone opposes this, please leave a message on chihang321's talk page.


(Raze 2)

  1. Holy Grail
  2. Rocket Launcher*
  3. Shotgun*
  4. Particle Cannon (Proven)

These weapons are deadly because they are the only ones that can send a full health player in normal circumstances down to zero health in at least one shot for an unshielded player, and can kill in 2 shots for a 100% shielded player. The Holy Grail and Shotgun can both kill people with one shot even with adrenaline boost on, because of fire (Holy Grail) or multi-shot bullets that shoots after the adrenaline boost was taken into effect, saving the player, but with multi-shot, this barrier can be overcome. (Shotgun) The rocket launcher, however needs to empty an entire clip (3 shots) with a fully shielded player with adrenaline boost. For distance, the longest range shots should be reserved for the Holy Grail, as it is the only "Great three" weapon of Raze 2 able to shoot at max distance. For targets at middle range (not standing right next to it, and not out of sight), rocket launcher usually does the job, if you've got good prediction skills, you will be able to shoot at "falling" targets and targets that have just been launched off a jump pad. For the shortest distances, (standing almost right next to it) use the shotgun.

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