Raze Two Wiki
Combat Armor


+50% max health.






Equipping this piece of defensive technology allows your character to have a bonus of 50% more maximum health. This means that one can take more damage than anyone else, as well as survive explosions and hits that would have otherwise be fatal without this Combat Armor. This piece of equipment is a must-have in the final two levels of the alien campaign, where the Raze Soldier is always armed with a Rocket Launcher at the start, which is second-in-line of the Great Three. It is also useful in Capture the Flag, in which one can get out of enemy territory with a higher chance of surviving. Strangely, this piece of equipment is actually slightly better than the Adrenaline Boost in some ways despite its lower cost. It can also be very useful to survive a shot of the Holy Grail, as you have more health, you can take extra damage from it, though there is only a small chance of surviving the shot due to how it does 141% damage total.