A map resembling the Raze 1 map Stranded, Crash Landing features a much more open space. Players may see corpses floating into space if they shoot the corpse due to the gravity of the nearby moon. It is also the required map for the achievement Reach for the Sky. It has two jump pads from either side of the map that thrusts you to the Invincibility power up. In the campaign mode, it is used as settings for the levels Cause and Effect, Retrieval, Misscommunication, and The Pickup. Because of the "drop ins" in the campaigns, the map is relatively tall. This is also the map where the ground can sometimes glitch up and disappear.

Low gravity notes

  • Static Field will be less useful as you'll be in the air jumping more often, and will usually get killed before hitting the ground and deploying static field.
  • Homing Weapons will be easier to avoid.
  • If you're in the air, and someone fires a rocket at you, you wouldn't be able to fall down quick enough, ensuring that rocket launchers remain one of the dominant weapons of this map.
  • Katanas are the only effective weapon deflectors in this map as they can work in the air.


Only the Invincibility shield powerup is in this map, but can be quickly accessed by the 2 jump pads on either sides of the map, or jumping off the top of the ship from the sloped side.

Crash landing

The crash landing map default.

Crash landing (dawn)

The crash landing map during dawn. (Not long after the Echo-1 crash. Cpt. Biggs was still on it.)

Music Played

  1. Infernal Signs
  2. Ricochet Love
  3. Rocket Race
  4. The Loop That Wasn't
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