The critical bits that you have to aim for.

Critical Shots are shots that hit:

  • The front part of the head (1.2x)
  • The back part of the head (1.4x)
  • The crotch of the foe (1.5x)
  • The butt of the foe (1.8x)

These shots will deal extra damage if performed correctly. Using the Precision Laser will increase the damage by a comparable amount. Using the M9 Barret will deal more damage to the crotch, the .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle will do more damage to the head, and the Magnum 2x damage also to the head.

Please note that all damage multipliers are estimated and may not be the actual amount.

Critical Weaponry


  • As of now, there is no weapon that specializes in only Assasin Shots or Butt Shots
  • Using the Shotgun at close range will usually result in more common Critical kills than any other weapon.