Deathmatch is a classic Raze 2 game in which you have to get a certain amount of kills to win the game. Don't get killed yourself or you lose time, let others catch up and end up with your starter. You have an infinite amount of lives, so just kill, kill, kill. Killstealing is a good method to use here. In a team deathmatch, you don't die and get eliminated, but you've got to help your teamates and together, your team must get the most kills.


  • Offensive is important. Defensive is also important, but the main concept of deathmatch is to attack.
  • Don't get killed by the opponent. In a 'no way out' situation, just commit suicide. It will take a point off your team by one, but your opponents don't get anything.


  • Kill - +1 point
  • Death, killed by enemy - Enemy +1
  • Teamate killed by enemy - +1 for enemy
  • More than 1 person killed at the same time with splash weapons - Gives points to your team according to how many people died in the splash blast
  • Team betrayals - no points gotten
  • Suicide takes point away from your team
  • Killed someone with splash weapon, but you stand too close and die together with your enemy, no points awarded