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Also known as the testing dome or training grounds, this big map is used to cultivate plants and animals that could not be grown anywhere else, suggesting that the Earth is too polluted to be of any use. It is also used for training and for placing the last artifact. The entire right side of the room has a multiple level waterfall running through it down to the water reservoir at the bottom of the map. It has two "strong" jump pads on the sides of the map that can boost you to the top of the map. The night version of this map has the water level go down , probably due to the tides, Fish lurk in the water and when one gets too close to the water, the fishes swim away, presumably due to them being afraid.

Tips, warnings and interesting facts

  • The three powerups, rapid fire, double damage and invincibility shield are placed close enough together to allow a player to collect all three powerups and keep them for a few seconds before one of them start to wear out.
  • The only map with Rapid Fire, Double Damage and Invincibility Shield in the same level.
  • Some like to fire Shredders down with the Rapid Fire, which is an effective strategy.
  • Homing weapons have a slight disadvantage of slamming into walls, roofs and floors while chasing enemies due to the various walls in this level.
  • The dome was the only map avaliable in the demo and the sky was actually Raze 1's "Base" background until the official release of Raze 2. Some lucky people were part of Beta and the Demo and saw the "Base" sky.