Domination is a game of strategy and action mixed together. Your objective is to dominate all three flags in an area. Should you play Defensive or Offensive? Will you go down guarding a flag or will you die sniped by an opponent? Choose and play!


-Firstly, try to act as a guardian of sorts to a flag. That way, when an opponent arrives, snipe him off and you will get the 'Defender' bonus.

-You might want to play offensive. If you do, you can go in close range and shotgun your opponent, giving youself the 'Capture King' Bonus.

-You might also go long range and snipe your opponents then dominate the flag. In that case, make sure to aim for the butt or the back of the head. Even better, use a rocket launcher to do it. You will get the 'Direct Hit' bonus.

-In some really hard levels, don't try dominating all three flags as then your enemies will find it all too easy steal an area off you. Usually two areas at once. Try to only keep 2 flags as yours so your opponent will find it harder to dominate your other flags.

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