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Electro Bolt


Modified from it's original design, this new version will split and hit 3 nearby enemies (through walls) once it comes in contact with an enemy.


Long Range


46% Damage








6 Shots x 2 Clips






The Electro Bolt is a modified version of the Railgun in Raze 1 as it has the same white design and blue energy tubes on it. However, it has been modified for arc attacks, in which once it hits an opponent, it will hit up to three other opponents and will pierce through walls to do the aforementioned. However, because of its low attack power, it will need a couple of shots to finish off the opponent. Sometimes, the Electro Bolt's bolts do not split, which may suggest that the Electro Bolt is a prototype weapon. Even when it does split, it only deals approximately 1/4 damage of the primary bolt. The Electro Bolt has exacly the same stats and ammo as the .50 cal Sniper Rifle except that the Electro Bolt can attack in arcs, while the .50 cal sniper rifle attacks with lethal headshots and accuracy. Best practised in the HQ and all small maps. It performs extremely well when paired with Double Damage and it is so good, one shot can result in 'Monster Kill X2' if you are surrounded.

The electro bolt splitting into 3 other beams, but as you can see, their power is great reduced in the secondary bolts.


  • The Electro Bolt's piercer shots hit inaccurately.
  • It deals 46% damage to health and if used until there is no ammo left, it can deal 828% damage, which isn't a lot when compared to top guns.
  • Has lots of ammo compared to other Long Range Weapons
  • Shoots fairly slowly
  • Goes well with the Rapid Fire power-up.
  • Looks exactly the same as the Raze 1 Railgun
  • Instead of making a loud whine as the Raze 1 alternative is, it makes a soft "ZEAW!" sound. This is also the sound of the Credit Cannon.
  • The primary bolt splits in a flash of red, and is good for killing enemies standing on multiple platforms.


If a shot is reflected, "Reflection!" kill bonus doesn't apply to splitted shot.


  • Emergency Heal
  • Combat Armor
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