Elimination is a classic game type where you have a limited set of lives and must survive for as long as possible until all other enemies drop dead. You lose when all your lives have been taken. You win when your opponents have no more lifes. A team elimination is slightly different. First difference, you can't shoot your teamates, and once you run out of lives, you can still have hope for victory if your teamates are still alive.


  • Defensive equipment is very important. Try to get cloak, emergency heal, or anything that have a big impact on your survival.
  • Stay beyond reach of your enemies!
  • Let your enemies fight each other, and when there are only a few left, start attacking. (Ignore this in a 2 team elimination)
  • Don't commit suicide!
  • The more health you have, the better (e.g. You have combat armor and have 10 lives at the start of the round, and combat armor increases your health limit by 50%, so that makes 150% health in total. So 150 times 10 lives is 1500% health altogether. If your opponents don't have combat armor, then that makes them only 1000% health in total if they have 10 lives.
  • If you only 3-1 lives left, then don't even bother about shooting. Concern about your survival. Only attack if they attack.
  • Stay close to Invincibility power ups, as they make you have 'infinite' lives for a while.
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