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Focus Beam


The Focus Beam fires a constant beam of energy to its target.




3% Damage





Rate of Fire



76 Shots x 2 Clips






The Focus Beam is a green barrel-like weapon which you hold like a rifle. The Focus Beam shoots a constant stream of laser at the opponent until the ammo is fully exhausted. Due to each shot lasting only a split second, the weapon drains ammo very fast. Thus, you are advised to unload the clip in short bursts to keep ammo waste at a minimum. Also, as each shot does very little damage, it has a slightly low DPS. As such, it is outclassed by the Destroyer. Also, it drains health at a rate of about 5-10% every second, as opposed to weapons of the Great Three, which can deal damage at a rate of about 100+% per second for the rocket launcher. The annoyance of having to keep holding the mouse constantly over target can actually cause a slight lag on slow computers also add to this weapon's inconvenience. This weapon also has just the range of sight's limit - plus, the creators make it look as if it has the range of a sniper, but it is actually fake, making it outclassed by the destroyer for distance and damage dealt per second. However, the ammo travels at an instaneous speed, making it a good choice on a jump pad. This particular weapon also has an unusally large "rippling" when it's shooting. Note that the ammo is not as much as the Flamethrower.


  • Cloak
  • Medipack
  • Combat Armor
  • Emergency Heal


This weapon might seem futuristic but it is actually in development by the US air force. It is an infrared laser capable of destroying an entire fleet of bombers in less than 2 minutes. Boeing aircrafts have been fitted with an infrared laser as early as 2009 and should be fully operational in USAF fleets by a few decades time. Like the focus beam, lasers mounted on aircrafts require time as the laser fires a constant beam of energy at the target to blow it up, unlike the laser blasters in Star Wars, how the blasters make the guns recoil and each shot only lasting a split second. it is more like the focus beam.


  • It is likely to be a lighter version of the Spartan Laser from Halo .

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