Frozen Death


No description




21% Damage (3/8)





Rate of fire



13 Shots x 5 Clips




0 [Not-in-armory, must be used via lv14 Alien Campaign]


The Frozen Death is an ancient and powerful weapon that is powered by extreme cold. It is considered to be an upgrade to the Ice Hunter. Other than appearance, it fires faster than the Ice Hunter. The Frozen Death is a bulky gun covered with white barrels like the Ice Hunter, only larger. The Frozen Death's ammunition needs to be in freezing conditions to be used. That is why it can only be used in 'Rocket Race', in level 14 alien campaign. It is designed for rapid fire but be careful where you fire because you can easily kill yourself with it. Its rockets also turn faster and better, becoming more like the way a Plasma Pistol tracks its target.


  • Works good with double damage
  • Take advantage of its firing rate and fire rapidly before J. Rockit or the Raze Soldier has a chance kill you
  • Because of the slow speed of the missiles, if your timing is just right, they'll kill you while the missiles are stilll flying. If they don't run away, it'll damage them and possibly kill them and you'll get the kill bonus 'Haunted' (kill someone after you're dead).
  • It's combined between Acid Hound and Ice Hunter.
  • Missiles travel slightly faster than the Ice Hunter's missiles, but has less range.
  • Its missiles arc less than the Ice Hunter's missiles before it picks up an enemy.
  • Missiles travel about the same speed as a player launched off one of the 2 jump pads in Frostbite.
  • Despite the low 3/8 ammo, it really beats Ice Hunter's 2 Clips x 5 Ammo and gives it a 5 Clips x 13 Ammo.
  • Best paired up with Hair Trigger or Spiral Chamber
  • The Origin of the Frozen Death is probably human - Aliens got it from the Echo-1 ship
  • Still, try to aim.
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