Multiplayer Possible?


Imagine being able to battle or Co-Op your friends on the other side of the world. Everyone has been talking about multiplayer for Raze 3 and it has been confirmed that there will be a multiplayer should they ever try to make Raze 3. Some people even suggested making chat rooms, forming groups and sending virtual postcards via mail, costing game credits. This might result in a massively multiplayer online Role Playing Game. (MMORPG)

What happened?

  1. In Raze 1, Juice-Tin and AddisonR mentioned about multiplayer in (a) sequel(s).
  2. Multiplayer was suggested when Raze 2 was first put into programming, but the producers ran into technical difficulties, so they decided to put it into further versions.
  3. Multiplayer was being suggested all over the Raze development blog.
  4. In one blog post of the Raze developer's blog, Juice-Tin said that following the plasma burst 2's release, it was said that mulitplayer was deemed a total failure, and will have to wait till Raze 3.
  5. Who knows what lies in future blog posts, versions and sequels?


The Raze developers promised us the possibility of custom weapon creation in Raze 1, but now it seemed that it might never happen. Judging by its progress, it seemed that it would never come. It would be great if we could at least upgrade our weapons, or even pick up your opponent's weapons to fill in more spare weapon slots even though you didn't buy the weapon. Also, In Raze 2, the option of customizing skins has been disabled.

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