The grenade is a green shell filled with explosives. Upon activation of the ability, the user will throw a grenade which bounces across the floor. Upon reaching an enemy, the grenade will instantly explode, damaging the opponent by 50% HP. If it does not reach an opponent, when it stops bouncing, after 1 second, the grenade will explode.

Despite inflicting splash damage, the Grenade is not programmed to be an explosive weapon. It is possible to obtain the Splish Splash kill bonus with it.


It's a splash weapon, so it's best used to take on a bunch of enemies. It can also be used to intercept a bunch of enemies or remove shields to line up a shot at your enemy with a normal weapon. It can be also used in capture the flag to secure enemy territory. Strangely, it saids that the grenade is a non-explosive weapon, as it is possible to get a "Splish Splash" kill bonus. This weapon, combined with cooling packs, enables you to 'nade enemies just 2 seconds after the grenade you threw ker'sploded.


  • Weilding a Katana at the right moment can deflect the grenade.
  • Static Field
  • Emergency Heal
  • Combat Armor


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