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Raze Soldier

The Raze Soldier is the only survivor in the now extinct Raze Task Force, with the achievement of single-handedly stopping the Alien Fleet with his top-notch battle skills (as said by the Alien Commander). He is an introvert, being silent all the time, and has never been seen talking before in Raze 2. However, he had a military personality in Raze 1. The reason for this is his shock of killing his original team and being put in cryostasis for nine years. 

Raze Soldier
Raze soldier.png

Game Role

Protagonist (Human Campaign), Antagonist (Alien Campaign)


Level 01: Breaking In

Level 02: Survivor Lookout

Level 03: Sweep and Clear

Level 05: Retrieval

Level 06: New Recruits

Level 07: Hold the fort

Level 08: My First Mission

Level 09: Shocking Discovery

Level 10: Strange Encounter

Level 11: Trapped

Level 12: Disposal

Level 13: Reclaimed

Level 14: Mutation

Level 15: Final Deployment

Level 18: Invasion

Level 22: A Strong Defense

Level 23: Underestimated

Level 24: The Ambush

Level 25: Tormented

Level 26: Artifact Retrieval 101

Level 29: Rocket Race

Level 30: A Soldiers Demise

Occupation 1

Raze Task Force Member

Occupation 2


Weapon Usage

Starter - M9 Barret

Sidearm - Uzi

Close range - Shotgun

Automatics - Assault Rifle

Long range - .50 Cal Sniper

Heavy - Laser Minigun

Explosive - Rocket Launcher

This is what the Raze soldier might look like

He was also an elite soldier and has great expertise and uncanny skill sets. He is first playable in Raze 1, in which he is you, the main playable character--the protagonist of the Human Campaign, also the antagonist of theAlien Campaign. He is a inexperienced chap at first, but later became the only task force member left due to the slaughtering of his teammates-turned-zombies on the transport ship in Raze 1. He later gets infected with the zombie virus too, but was able to be put into cryostatis until Raze 2 as he was pulled out in 2117. He is praised by the instructors and the new recruits as, "impressive" due to his excellent skills in Juggernaught. He is also a silent fighter, unlike everyone around him, who chats. Surprisingly, his memory doesn't get wiped out instantly and continues fighting for the humans, unlike many, like Sgt. Johnson and the rest of the team in Raze 1. Supposedly, he still has some time before the virus takes over--although the outside effects have already been mutated.


Captain Biggs

Captain Biggs is the pilot of the military ship Echo-1 and a soldier of the Raze Task Force. He is very loyal to the humans and also patriotic to Earth, hence his urgency to warn the people of Earth. He uses weapons that are good at getting critical kills.


The Zombies**

The zombies are a subspecies of humans who are currently infected with the zombie virus that was brought by the Alien Fleet. Zombies are technically human beings, but a certain mutating agent inside the virus mutated human beings so they have no brains, rotting flesh and bloody clothes. Due to their (lack of) intelligence, they are suicidal and stupid, blowing themselves up with Rocket Launchers. Also, they cannot sense much pain, so they are extremely durable (200% HP), with only the Raze Soldier Zombie outrivaling them (500% HP). They use basic, standard-issue weaponry, with the exeption of the Vamp Charger, which, alongside the Rocket Launcher, are prominent weapons in their armory when killing... themselves...

FaceNormAlien.png Alien
The intellectual level of these
creatures are...embarrassing... to say
the least.



Johnny Rockit

J. Rockit is one of the highest ranking human soldiers and a close-quarter combat expert. Having mastered the art of Close Combat, he wields a Katana that he swings when enemies get near. He is extremely powerful in a fight, and wields Adrenaline Boost, which makes him harder to kill.

"Before I die... kill them... kill them all..."

This is what J.Rockit might look like.


Something to note: His name was originated from a popular game called, "Johnny Rocketfingers" as well as a restaurant known as, "Johnny Rocket's" The creators described him as, "A mix of Rambo and Solid Snake"

Md (Medic) Sage*

"Oh right uhh...field medic, reporting for duty!"

Md. Sage is a highly trained field medic, being able to heal himself and allies with his Emergency Heal ability. His skills as a soldier are rather good, and tends to choose weapons which have close links to ice. He tries to be polite, even during battle.

This is what Md. Sage might look like.

"I've learned so much... thank you."



Ex (Explosive) Treem*

"I'm Treem, the explosives speciallist. Best stay far from me unless you want to get burned."

Ex. Treem is a soldier who uses explosives and fire weapons. He burns everything in sight, including allies. Due to his expertise in handling explosives, he uses Grenades and Ion Cannons to attack. Also, he has received training in fire weaponry, so he mainly uses fire weaponry to kill. Of evey team member, he is the least predictable.

This is what Ex. Treem might look like.

"Eugh, it's... been an honor to fight along your side..."



* - Ex. Treem and Md. Sage's names are assumed.


  1. The word "embarrassing" is misspelled "embarrissing" in this part of the game.
  2. fixed - the game shows it as "thankyou"