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Ice Hunter


Because the rockets are heat seeking and fired at a rapid pace, they are actually frozen to the core to avoid seeking other rockets.




36% Damage





Rate of Fire



5 Shots x 2 Clips






The Ice Hunter is basically a homing variation of the Rocket Launcher. The rockets fired by the Ice Hunter are heat seeking (homing), as such, they are frozen to the core to prevent them from seeking out other rockets of the same type. The Ice Hunter can also fire rockets rapidly. However, to compensate for this advantage, the power and the projectile speed of the weapon is reduced to prevent it from being too powerful. It deals 36% damage and if used totally, it can deal 540% damage. This weapon is best practiced in small maps with large pockets of spaces.

Mode 4.png

The Ice hunter shooting. It requires a close distance before the missiles can actively track their targets.


  • Use it like theFrozen Death and shoot around corners. The difference is that the ice hunter has less ammo, so you'll need to be careful about firing how many missiles even though it can do rapid fire with it.
  • Because the missiles fly slowly, one can run and wait till the missiles run out of fuel

    The ice hunter when its clips are full.

  • They can sniff out "invisible" targets
  • If the ice hunters' missiles' targets have a static field, you'd better start running away because the bad thing is that when the missiles hit the static field, they'll target your team, usually yourself if you're not far enough, and automatically locks onto yourself. So if you see a someone using Static Field or Katana, don't hestitate to run into him heads-up with the Ice Hunter (or Frozen Death), as you may kill yourself or your allies.
  • One clip cannot kill a fully healed person.
  • The weapon's more powerful version is the Frozen Death

Countermeasures (things that counter Ice Hunter)

  • Katana
  • Static Field
  • Teleport
  • Combat Armor
  • Adrenaline Boost

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