The Impossible Three are three near-impossible Raze 2 levels, and only if you're very skillful and lucky that you'll be able to finish it. All three of them are in the Alien Campaign listed below from easiest to hardest:

1. Artifact Retreival 101

2. Rocket Race

3. A Soldier's Demise These three levels are probably one of the hardest levels ever you'll come across in Raze 2, if not the hardest levels ever in Raze 2. Below it is shown the recomended armory and notes to help you finish these levels, but the required items can be a little bit pricey, so it is suggested that you take a look at how to farm credits from the Credit System page.

Recommended armory


Recommended equipment and ability:

  • Defensive- Combat Armor (Increase health limit by 50%)
  • Utility- Power Extender (Increase time of powerup effect before it disappears.)
  • Offensive- Extra Clips (Full clips with one collection of ammo.)
  • Recommended ability- Static Field (It can shield from danger, and from a special glitch, it can allow the wearer to move around, shoot and reload while still having an activated static field) or teleport if affordable (get all three powerups simultaneously and get one of the Great Three) This has scored me 4 kills in A Soldiers Demise and get off without anyone seeing - even making me complete it in 3 minutes and have zero deaths!


  • J. Rockit will have an adrenaline boost, so even the Rocket Launcher, one of the Great Three of Raze 2, can't kill him in one shot from full health. Holy Grails and Shotguns, however, can get past the adrenaline boost.
  • The Raze Soldier in level 14 and 15 will always spawn with a rocket launcher. What makes it difficult, however is that in level 14 the Raze Soldier will have 200% health while in level 15 the Raze Soldier will have 500% health.
  • Md. Sage will have occasional healings, so beware. Weapons from the Great Three should be effective against Md. Sage.
  • J. Rockit and Ex. Treem both like to use their Ion Cannons, so watch out. Ion Cannons have fire, so if one wears an Adrenaline Boost they are screwed.
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