Juggernaught is a game mode that is only playable in Quick Match and Free For All. A randomly picked person plays with Juggernaught status. All players team up that specific player, the Juggernaught. The players that are not the Juggernaught have to kill the Juggernaught and gain Juggernaught status. That's the aim of the game. While in Juggernaught status, one's goal is to kill as many players as you can. The players will be divided into two teams, the players not being Juggernaught on one team and the Juggernaught himself on the other team. To compensate for the lack of teammates, the Juggernaught has improved defense in which he is able to take less damage from each shot. To kill a Juggernaut, extreme firepower is necessary due to the bonus shields. The Juggernaught has around 315% Health and constantly goes into an invincibility mode. When you kill the Juggernaught, you gain 1 point as a "Juggernaught Kill". Then, you must kill the other players waiting to kill you. It's basically a deathmatch, but only the Juggernaught will earn points for kills, and the other players will have to become it to get points for kills.


Camping is one of the most devious strategies used in the more difficult levels of Juggernaut.


In the Raze 1 Juggernaught, the Juggernaught has more Shield than other players. Once the Shield is down the Juggernaut is treated as a normal player but with Juggernaught status, and in it you could choose if it was 200% shields, 300% shields, 400% shields or 500% shields. In Raze 2, the Juggernaught has a constant Shield, and can take lesser damage without having to deplete shields, so he will continue to absorb damage more fairly.


If a massive damage is very quickly done from many players and the Juggernaught dies, the Juggernaught keep his status after the respawn and other players don't get the Juggernaught status, but the killer player still obtain the bonus kill.

Tips for Juggernaughts

  • Practice camping, which will improve your ability to kill as many players as you can.
  • Static Field kills which protect you from damage while killing off others.
  • Juggerkill for bonus credits gained
  • Practice in juggernaut levels in the campaign or go to Level 15 alien campaign. Treat the Raze soldier like the ultimate juggernaut, as he even has more health than a normal juggernaut.