Addisonr and juice tin

Killing Juice-Tin and AddisonR in quickmatch in Frostbite. In a very rare scene, Juice-Tin and AddisonR both appear in the same game and even rarely do they die and drift together. On the right is Juice-Tin and on the left is AddisonR.


These two kill bonuses are achieved if you kill a computer AI with Juice-Tin or AddisonR as its name. These AI names rarely appear, so kill them as much as you can if they are in your game. These two achievements give +2 credits, and might appear as teammates. These enemies/teammates are subjectively better than the other AI players of the same difficulty level. However, they do get killed often.

Juiced and Rad


+2 cr


+2 cr

Anything Else

+0 cr

These players chose random abilities everytime but unlike other quickmatch AIs, they don't change their appearance. However, all quickmatch AIs, including Juice-Tin and AddisonR select their weaponary by random every quickmatch. They're usually on top in a free for all deathmatch.


  • From the image above, AddisonR looks remarkably like the scientists of the underwater research facility due to the fact they used them as templates.
  • From the image above, Juice-Tin looks remarkably like the new recruits in the level where you train the new recruits by playing Juggernaut in the Human Campaign due to template usage.
  • It was once said that Juice-Tin had set his computer on fire 6 times due to his typing speed
  • AddisonR was born a computer artist.

Kill Bonus Descriptions


Kill Juice-Tin during a quickmatch.


Getting Juiced on an AI with Juice-Tin's skin/name.

Shredder Juice Tin

Juice-Tin with his mighty shredder.


Kill AddisonR during a quickmatch.

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