Kill bonuses are special bonuses which you do for awarding of extra credits. There are 30 weapon kill bonuses with each's difficulty level varying from 1 to 8.

Kill Bonus ListEdit

Kill Bonuses
Kill Bonus Description Difficulty Credits
Headshot Kill an enemy by shooting them in the head. 1 4
Crotchshot Kill an enemy by shooting them in the crotch 2 5
Buttshot Kill an enemy by shooting them in the butt 5 12


Kill an enemy by shooting them in the back of the head.

3 10
Surprise[1] Kill an enemy by a bullet from the Shredder that has dug through the ground once. 5 8
Direct Hit Kill an enemy by a hit using an explosive weapon 1 3
Splish Splash Kill an enemy from splash damage using a non-explosive weapon 3 5
Spree Ender Kill an enemy who has 5 kills or more without dying yet.(Use the kill bar) 2 10
Reflection Use the Static Field or the Katana to deflect a shot and kill the person who shot the bullet. 3/6(Static Field/Katana) 4
Juggerkill Kill the Juggernaught. [2] 1 15
Show Stopper Kill an enemy who is carrying your team flag in Capture the Flag. 1 10
Slasher Kill an enemy using the Katana or reflect one 3 4
Hot Hot Hot Kill an enemy by fire. 2 2
Haunted Kill an enemy after you are dead (Grenade Launchers are useful here) 4 5


Kill an enemy using the Golden Mauser. 2 2
Chill Pill Kill an enemy by a bullet from the Hail Storm that has bounced at least twice. 4 4
Kill Steal Kill an enemy while he is fighting another person. 2 2
Disco Inferno Kill an enemy while you are on fire 1 3
Mine Your Step Kill an enemy with a land mine 3 3
Capture King Kill an enemy while capturing an enemy flag in Domination 2 5
Defender Kill an enemy while he is trying to dominate your flag. 2 5
Juiced Kill Juice-Tin in battle 1 2
Rad Kill AddisonR in battle 1 2
Survivor Kill an enemy with 1% health remaining. 4 3
Speed Shot Kill an enemy while travelling at 35 mph. (Dome, run down the steep slope under the invincibility powerup or jump off a jump pad.) 5 5
Show Off Kill an enemy while having the flag in Capture the Flag 1 5
What Shield? Kill an enemy with over 20% shield in one shot. 3 5
What Was That? Kill an invisible enemy. 3 12
Corpslosion Kill an enemy with an explosion from a dead body. 6 15
Thanks Kill an enemy with a shot reflected from another enemy by your katana or static field. 7 10
  1. In the game, the name is "Suprise" due to the creator's lack of English Language
  2. Strangely, it is named "Juggernaught" instead of what it should be, Juggernaut.
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