Kill Streaks mean killing a bunch of kills without getting killed yourself. Usually, if you meet a person who also plays Raze 2 and can chat with him, you'll probably ask him what's his highest kill streak. If you kill an opponent whos got a killing spree (Killing 5 or more people without dying), then you recieve a kill bonus called "Spree Ender"Here's the list of kill streaks avaliable:

Kill streaksEdit

Kill streak number Raze 1 name Raze 2 name

Number of credits earnt every "kill streak checkpoint" in Raze 2

5 Skilled Killing Spree +6
10 Rampage Rampage +8
15 Rampage Unstoppable +10
20 godly Godlike! +12
25 godly Hacker +14

How to rack up a kill streak over the "winning limit" in deathmatchEdit

  1. Equip yourself with a rocket launcher, or any splash weapon that can kill yourself easily
  2. Lower your scores into the negative mark by killing yourself
  3. When you think that its enough, then start killing people
  4. Happy killing!

How to rack up a very high kill streak (up to 100)Edit

  1. Go to Quick Match and choose Juggernaut.
  2. Turn the "kills to win" to 100.
  3. Choose any map you want.
  4. Put on 11 CPUs.
  5. Set the difficulty to Very Easy. (or easy if you want a challenge, 11 people will try to kill you when you get juggernaut).
  6. When you start, WATCH YOUR AMMO, you'll have to shoot constantly.
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