You get this kill bonus often. It's done when your oppponent is fighting another person, and you drop in, and do the kill instead. It is best done with weapons of the Great Three, best killstealer around is definitely the Holy Grail. It is a bit embarrassing to say, but J.Rockit tends to get in the way with killstealing.

  • +2 credits.
  • Best done with infinite speed weapons, especially the ion cannon.
  • Holy Grails and railguns are slightly less convenient killstealing weapons as the take longer to shoot and their lack of ammo.
  • Lets hope the AI doesn't get angry about their kill getting stolen!
  • Easy to get.
  • Best done in "Very easy" mode with 2 teams of 6 people.
  • Here's a funny thing: If your ally stands close enough to the enemy who you just shot with an explosive weapon, you might kill your ally!
    Kill steal

    I just stole someone's kill.

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