Laser Minigun


This battery powered minigun has a large ammo supply with an unparalleled firing speed. It's reliance on battery power also makes it drain ammo at a slower rate than normal.




2% Damage








100 Shots x 2 Clips x 3 [Huge Clip Bonus]


Huge Clip




A black gun with red energy highlights. It shoots highly energized lasers at a very fast pace in the general direction of the enemy. Due to its battery clip, it has a huge amount of ammo for use. Shoot at close range for maximum damage. It is also deadly for doing backup, when your main weapon is out of ammo. This weapon can kill multiple enemies but it's hard to do it.

Laser Minigun

A Laser Minigun being shot.

Laser Minigun


Based on the Icy Chaingun, but is smaller, darker, fires lasers instead of ice, and lacks the disadvantagous warm-up time required by the Icy Chaingun. It also fires a bit slower. and only a few lasers are visible at one time, unlike the icy chaingun which has at least more than 10 icy bullets seen at a time.
Laser minigun clips

The laser minigun fires slowly for its clip size. Because of its clip size, it is only able to carry 2 clips at max, but damage per clip makes up for lack of clips.


  • Static Field
  • Emergency Heal
  • Combat Armor
  • Medipack
  • Moving around a lot
Laser minigun

The laser minigun shooting. Of course, it doesn't shoot that straight but it's just a coincidence. Notice that the minigun leaves a red trail.


  • It is probably the 3rd most powerful heavy weapon of all per shot, with the destroyer in 2nd position and shredder in 1st position if it has burrowed through the ground.
  • Has a huge clip and drains ammo at a slow rate, however, you can only carry 2 clips at maximum.
  • Despite having red bullets, the bullets turn purple on impact (as shown in two images above).
  • Has a "conical" firing line
  • It seems to have a rotating barrel
  • It is unknown what frequency the lasers are on
  • The necessary coolant of the gun is also unknown as when laser fires, it generates heat.
  • Even at medium range, this gun can kill an unshielded person in usually less than 10 seconds. This rate makes it ideal to fit into the Great Three, but its spot was taken away by the rocket launcher.
  • Extremely lethal when paired with offensive powerups (rapid fire and/or double damage), like the precision laser
  • When coupled up with rapid fire, use it like the icy chaingun of Raze 1.
  • Extremely lethal when coupled up with Double Damage. Even more lethal if coupled up with Rapid fire.
  • Has a fairly high DPS.
  • Producers tried to model it on the icy chaingun from Raze 1.
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