Raze Two Wiki

Brief summary[]

The humans have just recieved a distress call from the shipyards. Unfortunately, your team is on other assignments and you will have to check it out alone. There, you'll discover that the alien commander has actually lured you there to kill you. The aliens have perfected a new technology that allows them to teleport randomly around the battlefield, so watch out! The alien commander can shoot you from behind and you'll not even realize it!

Recommended armory:[]


Any powerful weapon will do- The ones that are the best are the ones that shoot fast or super fast projectiles. e.g. Similar weapons or the weapons of the Great Three. J.Rockit once said that explosives or strong weapons should do the trick.


Emergency heal, Land mine or cloak- It's only one commander and he's the only enemy- Basically it's a one-on-one match. Also, Static Shield will do the trick as well, since it will deflect the Commander's Acid Hound back at him.


Defensive- Medipack, flux compacitor or combat armor.

Utility- Cooling Packs or shield battery

Offensive- Hair trigger, stabilizer or extra clips.

Mission details.


Lvl 10 human 1.png
Lvl 10 human 2.png
Lvl 10 human 3.png
Lvl 10 human 4.png
Lvl 10 human 5.png
Lvl 10 human 6.png
Lvl 10 human 7.png
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  • The alien commander can take 2 shots from weapons of the Great Three.
  • The alien commander uses his teleport often
  • Usually when the commander has taken some damage he will try to teleport away.
  • The teleport can only teleport the alien commander to a random location.
  • This is like a "warning" of what's the final level of human campaign going to be like.
  • When the alien commander has 1-3 lives left he'll use the teleport as an escape route even more.
  • The alien commander's AI is set on hard.
  • The alien commander will also appear on level 14 and 15 as well.