Raze Two Wiki

Level Description

In this level you are trying to place the first artifact in the mines of South Africa. It's a domination level, and you start alone against four zombies because your team is busy on another assignment, and will soon come to assist you. When you first start, it is a bit hard, but at the 1:00 minute mark the rest of your team comes in (J. Rockit, M.D. Sage, and Ex. Treem.), and the level is smooth sailing from there.

Recommended Weaponary

You need powerful weapons, like the Great Three. Fire also helps. You can also just lead them to the jump pad at the far right, and they will never jump to you, but will just fall into the incinerator.



Side Arm-Burst Torch or Photon Blaster (anything with good range)

Close Range-Particle Cannon or Terminator (Stay away from close range because zombies are good with their shotguns and vamp chargers at close range. These are the only close range weapons with good range.)

Automatic-Assault Bouncer (any fire weapons are good, especially with double damage)

Long Range-Railgun (decent damage and ability to penetrate multiple enemies.) If you have good aim a .50 cal Sniper and a couple of headshots will take a zombie down. Or just a Holy Grail. The Railgun also can penetrate corpses, and as corpses are fairly common when fighting in the mines, so you can use the corpses as meat shields. Their bullets will hit the corpse but your railgun shot will pierce the corpse and hit the zombie.

Heavy-Flame Thrower (With Spiral Chamber a Zombie will burn anyday. Also good for defending Domination flags.)

Explosives-Rocket Launcher (Two rockets will take down an unshielded zombie)


Defensive-Combat Armor (To match the zombies health)

Utility-Shield Battery (Combat Armor and Shield Battery combined it would take 3 rockets to kill you) Or Pickup Booster to max out that Double Damage.

Offensive-Extra Clips (Great for the final stand on those flags)


Katana is always good against zombies, especially with Double Damage. Land Mine and Grenade are useless, because it is a big map and land mines have limited damage. Emergency Heal is always good.