The final mission of the Human Campaign. The Raze Task Force must deploy the final artifact before the meteors strike Earth.

Meteor shower

The meteor shower approaching.

The meteors are imminent, only four minutes away from striking Earth. Your arch nemesis, the Alien Commander, has brought two other commanders along, each with teleportation and sharing the same weapon arsenal. Their set includes:

Starter: Plasma Pistol Long Range: Holy Grail
Sidearm: Photon Blaster Heavy: Destroyer
Close Range: Zapper Explosive: Acid Hound
Automatic: Precision Laser


Final Deployment

Mission details

J. RockitEdit

FaceJRockit J. Rockit
This is our last shot, we need
to kill them before the Meteors

FaceJRockit J. Rockit
If we can't activate the last
artifact in time, earth is

FaceJRockit J. Rockit
We have exactly 4 minutes
before it's too late... We can
do this!

(When J. Rockit is out of lives, or killed 2 times)

FaceJRockit J. Rockit
Before I die...Kill them,
please... Kill them all...

Md. SageEdit

(When Md. Sage is out of lives, or killed 2 times)

FaceMdSage Md. Sage
I've... learned so much...


Ex. TreemEdit

(When Ex. Treem is out of lives, or killed 2 times)

FaceExTreem Ex. Treem
Eugh, it's... been an honor
fighting on your side...

Tips Edit

  • Your allies only have 2 lives each.
  • Mentioned in the previous mission (Mutation), use strong weapons to quickly take down the commanders before they're able to teleport away.
  • Go for the power-ups as much as possible to easily take down the commanders.


Blue Team - Lives: 16Edit

  • Raze Soldier (You) - Lives: 10
  • J. Rockit - Lives: 2
  • Ex. Treem - Lives: 2
  • Md. Sage - Lives: 2

Orange Team - Lives: 18Edit

  • Commander - Lives: 6
  • Commander - Lives: 6
  • Commander - Lives: 6
  1. A mistake from the game developers, should be "thank you".
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