Level 1: Breaking In


It has been 9 years since the last invasion. Relearn the ropes of battle from our highest ranking officer, Johnny Rockit

Match Type


Kills to Win





Weapon: Shotgun




You are released and make your way to J Rockit, the most powerful officer before you were removed from stasis. J Rockit briefs you on the alien invasion and teaches you how to play the game. Suddenly, a T-1208 Warhead drops onto the city, destroying everything around you and covering the sky with ash, turning the sunlight red. You get the Resupply ability and then face off with some aliens. Getting defeated is considered mediocre as this level is insanely easy.


(Throwdown song)
FaceJRockit J. Rockit

-Lets go, I don't have much time to explain. The aliens, they have returned. No one knows why...

-You're the only survivor on the force from last time, so we need you to get back up to speed quickly!

-This way, hurry!

-Hmmm, this conveyor belt will be a pain to get acoss. Jump off this jump pad for a shortcut

-Alright now... OH CRAP, LOOK AT THAT MISSILE!!!

(After missile strikes the music changes to Rose at Nightfall)

-Looks like you've took some damage in the blast. Grab that health pack to heal up.

-Now you need some ammo. Go grab that ammo pack on the left.

-Now that you have an ammo pack, use it and shoot the explosive pipe above me to drop the panel.

-Hmmm, there's no pipes up there. You might need to use something else on this panel...

-This way, hurry!

-Okay, **Your in-game name** I'll talk to you through here now.

-Watch out! Here they come!

-ARRRGGHH! TAKE THAT! [When Blue Team reaches 5]

-Hey, remmeber to use your ability if you're low on ammo! [When Blue Team reaches 8]

-Just a few more, lets show 'em what we're made of! [When Blue Team reaches 12]

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