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Name.pngBlue Team.pngCommander BLUE.pngAlien 2 Team.pngAlien 3 team.pngOrange Tema.pngTransport ENEMY 1.png [Idle at 40 secs, end at 1:15]Transport ENEMY 2.png [Idle at 40 secs, end at 1:15]Transport Enemy 3.png [Idle at 40 secs, end at 1:15]


Lvl 2 alien 1.png
Lvl 2 alien 2.png

Mission Details

Lvl 2 alien 3.png

Lvl 2 alien 4.png
Lvl 2 alien 5.png
Lvl 2 alien 6.png

Lvl 2 alien 7.png
Lvl 2 alien 8.png

Lvl 2 alien 9.png

Lvl 2 alien 10.png

Lvl 2 alien 11.png
Lvl 2 alien 12.png

Lvl 2 alien 13.png

Tips and Warnings[]

  • You practically have your training boots on. Level 13 is harder and does not have a free "Idle At".
  • Idle Transport Bots give 2 credits : 1 kill
  • Use the time wisely. You only have 35 seconds.
  • Transport bots have 200% health
  • Use the "idle AI" time to dominate all flags, and try to get every single transport bot killed during "reactivation" so they only have starters.
  • Don't kill the transport bots, or it'll just be a waste of weapon ammo during idle time. Wait till 15-10 seconds before "reactivation" and quickly kill them.