Survivor Lookout


One week ago, we lost communications with our military ship, Echo-1. We believe it was attacked and there may be survivors in a zombie quarantine zone. Go check it out but be warned, there are reports of many zombies in the area.

Match Type

Team Deathmatch

Kills to Win



Judgement (Day)




Your task in this area is to search the whole area for survivors from the crashed cargo ship, the Echo-1 while fending off against multitude of Zombies. No Zombies will appear at first, but after a while, zombies will start to appear in groups. Mow the Zombies down with a strong weapon of any kind and remember to fire twice as the zombies can take two hits from a Rocket Launcher or a Holy Grail before dying.
Lvl 2 human


FaceJRockit J. Rockit
What... There's no one here?

FaceJRockit J. Rockit
I have a bad feeling about

FaceJRockit J. Rockit
Ah, I found one! Kill it!

FaceJRockit J. Rockit
Wait a second, more are
coming. Stay sharp!

FaceJRockit J. Rockit
There's too many of them!
Keep shooting!

FaceJRockit J. Rockit
We're surrounded! We need an
evacuation! Repeat, we need
an Evac Now!

FaceDani Dani
Roger, Evac is on its way. Hold
tight guys.

FaceDani Dani
Landing zone is too hot, kill as
many as you can and we'll pick
you up!

FaceJRockit J. Rockit
Roger that, let's do this Raze

Lvl 2 human 1
Lvl 2 human 2
Lvl 2 human 3
Lvl 2 human 4
Lvl 2 human 5


-Landing zone is too hot, kill as many as you can and we'll pick you up!


  • Combine the double damage powerup with weapons of the Great Three, you can kill a zombie from full health in one shot.
  • The zombies will increase in numbers rapidly.
  • Shredders work effectively here as they work like the Weapons of the Great Three too.
  • The zombies need to be killed from full health down to zero via two shots from weapons of the Great Three.
  • This level has 10 zombies. To make room, the next level has 9 zombies + Cpt. Biggs.
  • Multikill weapons are important here. Try get any weapon that can deal damage at more than at least 1 opponent at a time.
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