Lvl 3 alien details


You are the Alien Commander invading the Raze Task Force's base in Headquarters. This is the alien alternative to Breaking In from the Human Campaign. The Raze soldier will be a bit "sleepy", but he's still a good fighter. He has a resupply backpack, unlike the later levels where he carries a static field around.


  • Human (J.Rockit) - Medium
  • Raze soldier - Hard~
  • Alien (ally) - Easy~


FaceComAlien Commander
Oh no!

FaceRegAlien Alien
What is it commander?

FaceComAlien Commander
It's the one they call... 'Raze'

FaceComAlien Commander
In our first invasion attempt,
we fought an elite group.

FaceComAlien Commander
We killed them all off except
this one.

FaceComAlien Commander
This man single-handedly
defeated us...

FaceRegAlien Alien
Not this time. The artifacts will
be ours once again!

The "Commander" in quotes is you.

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