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Cpt. Biggs told you his story, and now you've got to go back to the crahsed Echo-1 to retreive the artifacts. Watch out! Before you came the aliens had tampered with the transport bots' programming. Now they are to recognise that every living creature is an enemy! Look what J.Rockit does to capture the flag. You can either grab the flag yourself, or escort J.Rockit



Mission details

Lvl 5 human 1
Lvl 5 human 2
Lvl 5 human 3
Lvl 5 human 4
Lvl 5 human 5
Lvl 5 human 6
Retreival route

One of the best routes taken. The lower path always goes to the left, and the upper path takes the left jump pad. While flying through the air propelled by the jump pad, make sure to press the "A" or the left arrow on your keyboard until your player is falling vertically.

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