In this level you are tasked with demonstrating how to fight to a bunch of new recruits. You will play Juggernaught and must try to kill 10 robots, Training Bots. This level is also teaching you fighting alone, without help against other people. A more "challenging" version of this level is in the alien campaign, and will be fighting against zombies which have Muataion, which have more durability than training bots, which have just only combat armor.


FaceDani Instructor
Alright recruits, listen up.

FaceDani Instructor
Raze Soldier is our top
soldier, so take notes.

FaceJuiceTin Recruit
What's going on, why does
everyone keep switching

FaceDani Instructor
This is Juggernaught. Everyone
is teamed up against the

FaceDani Instructor
If you kill the Juggernaught,
you become the Juggernaught.

FaceJuiceTin Recruit
Oh right, I get it.

FaceDani Instructor
Ohh nicely done, did everyone
see that?

FaceJuiceTin Recruit
Man, this guy is good...


FaceDani Instructor
Wow perfect, just perfect.


  1. Raze Soldier replaced by your name
  2. When your name hits 4 pts.
  3. When your name hits 6 pts.
  4. When your name hits 8 pts.
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