Level DescriptionEdit

The artifacts have been successfully retrieved from the crashed Echo-1 and have been transported to the underwater facility located off the West coast of South America. There, top scientists look at the artifacts, but the aliens have built a device that can home in on the GPS signal of the artifacts. The aliens invade, and the humans and aliens have to fight for the artifacts. The humans keep the artifacts, but not far away from the aliens and doomsday...
Lvl 7 human details


Blue team

  • Security bot - Medium
  • Security bot - Medium
  • J.Rockit - Medium
  • Raze soldier (YOU) - unkown

Orange team

  • 3 aliens - Medium
  • Zombie - Easy

Lvl 7 human

Lvl 7 human 1

Lvl 7 human 2
Lvl 7 human 3
Lvl 7 human 4
Lvl 7 human 5
Lvl 7 human 6
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