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You and J.Rockit are taking the 2 new recruits (Their names are, Md.Sage and Ex.Treem) to the Alien shipyards during daytime to fight aliens, as well as to train the recruits. In this level, you will take the recruits on their first mission. They're Md. Sage (possibly short for Medic Sage) and Ex. Treem.
Lvl 8 human details


This is a special kind of deathmatch, that is a cross between a free-for-all deathmatch and a team deathmatch. There are allies as well as enemies, but you can't let any of your teamates beat your score. Only the top team member of the match wins. Below are the presumed stats, to show how good you are to the rookies.

  • J.Rockit - Hard
  • Aliens - Medium
  • Ex.Treem and Md.Sage - Easy


FaceJRockit J. Rockit
Alright, you guys ready to see
how a real pro does it?

FaceJRockit J. Rockit
Show 'em how it's done, Raze

FaceJRockit J. Rockit
Hey, what are you guys doin'?
Introduce yourselves!

FaceMdSage Md. Sage
Oh right uh... Field Medic,
reporting for duty!

FaceExTreem Ex. Treem
I'm Treem the Explosives

FaceExTreem Ex. Treem
Best stay far from me
unless you want to get burned.

FaceJRockit J. Rockit
That's it? Well you already
know me, expert at close
quarters combat.

FaceJRockit J. Rockit
Watch out for those land mines
guys, they're everywhere!

FaceMdSage Md. Sage
Woooohooo! I can get used to

FaceExTreem Ex. Treem
Hah, they burn so easily.

  1. your ingame name
Lvl 8 human

This sounds more like a casual talk...

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