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Level Description[]

After the scientists at the underwater facility finished researching the artifacts, the artifacts were sent up to the research outposts out at the North, but the artifacts were discovered to be emitting some sort of GPS signal, and the aliens have just completed their artifact tracking device, and were using their cloaking for the first time against humans. While the artifacts were being tested, the aliens have ambushed the facilitites up north. It is you who have to fight the aliens, using cloaking technology, and the your allies can't see it, so sometimes, the aliens will be able to strike from blind spots seemingly out of nowhere. Unlike the alien campaign, the aliens all have a plasma pistol when they de-cloak. Naturally, you will be able to spot them clearly enough even if they're cloaked, provided you train your eyes. This will be a little harder when you are travelling faster than 35kph

Lvl 9 human details.png


A normal game of domination, but your team get a 20 second headstart while the aliens, still cloaked, gets into position and gets ready to strike. You should have time to raise all 3 flags before the aliens arrive.

  • Your team - Probably Medium
  • Aliens - Easy


FaceMdSage.png Md. Sage
Okay we're here, let's do this!

FaceJRockit.png J. Rockit
Wait wait, there's no one else

FaceExTreem.png Ex. Treem
Yeah, they all got scared and
ran home to mama!

FaceJRockit.png J. Rockit
No, something doesn't feel

FaceJRockit.png J. Rockit
Ambush! Open fire!

Music swaps to "Ricochet Love"

FaceMdSage.png Md. Sage
What, how did they do that?

FaceJRockit.png J. Rockit
They seem to be using some
sort of cloaking device, stay