Love is Blind unlocks 4x Health mode.
Weird dancing loveheart

Love is really blind!



  1. Participate in Mission 1 of the Human Campaign
  2. Follow J Rockit until after the jump pads tutorial
  3. When you see the missile, jump back onto the conveyor belt and keep running/jumping away from J Rockit
  4. DO NOT drop down with J Rockit
  5. Run back to the starting area
  6. You will see a dancing heart and the computers will be going crazy (technically, they are not supposed to be).
  7. Run off the mud path onto the sheltered area and you'll recieve the achievement.


Try to get to the loveheart before the missile strikes.

Try to get J.Rockit to run past it!

Try to get the Dancing Loveheart to appear while the sky is still green!

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