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This is the very first weapon you will hold in game. The M9 is a low damage gun that has a pretty decent rate of fire, a nicely balanced magazine clip and has enough accuracy to pull off those nick-of-time criticals on an unsuspecting target. Our tip, aim for the crotch, as this pistol allows for extra damage when gunning down your target's balls.

M9 Barret


Standard issue pistol given to all first-grade soldiers. Does exceptional damage to enemy crotches.




8% Damage





Rate of Fire



18 Shots x 10 Clips




Free (Supplied at start of game)


The M9 Barret is a small gun with a white barrel, black handle and clip of matching color.The M9 Barret does more damage to the harder to hit crotch. Make sure you can aim correctly at the opponent before using this gun. This gun is rather balanced in its stats, making it a starter to use in normal situations.The M9 Barret is a balanced gun in all attributes with a unusual ability to do more damage to the crotch area. It is the first starter you will have and is a useful gun in all cases. However, it doesn't really respond when the mouse is held down, unlike the ripper. The range is also fairly good and a great weapon for critical pros. However, it does lack a hold-down mouse fire, unlike the ripper. What it means that is that you have to keep clicking to fire, unlike the ripper, where you can just hold the mouse button down to fire. Great for people with the best aim who can hit critical points at anytime, anywhere.


  • Good for novices
  • Good for snipers
  • Does extra damage against crotches
  • Free
  • Highest range
  • High amount of clips
  • Great for campers who just respawned and couldn't find a weapon.
  • Makes a good "Anti-adrenaline boost" for its long range.


  • Outclassed by other weapons if you don't have good aim
  • Low power
  • Can't hold down mouse to fire multiple shots
  • Accuracy is not good enough to effectively get crotchshots.


  • Armor Plating
  • Combat Armor
  • Emergency Heal


The M9 Barret is an upgraded version of a pistol that does tremendous damage to enemy crotches.There are two possible origins of the name pistol. According to the first one, the word pistol is derived from Czech. The hussite warriors introduced guns called píšťala in the 1420s . Germans called them pitschale, pitschole, petsole and so on. Later German raiders brought the guns as well as the name to France, were they were known by terms pistole and pistolet. According to alternative source, the word "pistol" is derived from the French word pistole orpistolet, which have originated from the city of Pistoia, Italy where hand-held guns (designed to be fired from horseback) were first produced in the 1540s.

Barrets in reality are several version of rifles and sniper rifles, that are still in production today.

Howver, the name M9 Barret is extremely close to that of the Beretta M9, which is the standard sidearm of the US Military since 1990. The Beretta M9, however, shares few to none other similarities to the M9 Barret besides the name.


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