A mining facility rich in minerals. It's high concentration of elements makes it a key area fought over by many forces.


How to activate this glitch.


A relatively small but tall map with 2 powerful jump pads and is situated in South Africa. Easy to steal an enemy's flag. It's also one of the highest zombie concentrations in the world. The producers had originally tried to make a sugar version of the mine, which can explain why the rocks look like chocolate biscuits. All they did was to add some machinery and bits metal and there's the mine. Also, there is a huge double layer at the top.i love chocalate


  • Great spot to test out a specific weapon.
  • Corpsplosion! kill bonus is great to get in here.
  • Has a huge "holographic" space.
  • At nighttime, the machines come to life and beware of the conveyor belts sliding you into death!
  • The middle part is usually the action
  • There is a Double Damage powerup on the right
  • There's a glitch that somehow teleports you from one place to another.
  • In Domination, a glitch can cause a person to guard or lower a flag of domination without actually being in the same platform of the flag. We do not recommend doing this, as it gives 3 weak parts instead of two. The only reason you would do this is if a lot of people are guarding the flag, in which case you should go to another flag.
  • There is a glitch-getting weapon
  • The Health Pack in this level is actually 2 health packs placed beside each other. This means that in normal conditions, it gives 100% HP. In pickup booster conditions, it gives 160% HP, making it only acceptable with Combat Armor.
  • This has a suicide point. Mainly zombies die from falling into the hot oil since the conveyor belt works.
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