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With no doubt, the Raze series was Juice-Tin and AddisonR's most ambitious and successful project. Here are some other cool games made from the team, now working in a company they founded called Sky9 Games, is working on a Raze style game called Strike Force Heroes, which is anticipated to hit this summer.

List of games created:[]

Games in development[]

  • Strike Force Heroes - An action/shooter game, from the sample screenshots and the main image, it could be known that it is like Raze 2, but for unknown reasons, it is not called Raze 
  • Siegius Arena - A gladiator game, like the original Siegious, it featured soldiers during the Roman period, but instead of sending out soldiers to fight, it featured you controlling one soldier, upgrading it, etc.


  • Raze 2 - This is what this wiki is about. Go and have fun learning about what's in Raze 2!
  • Siegius - The original Siegius, where you send troops with different statistics in to fight the enemy. More like a tactical game, like the popular Black Navy War series.
  • A Knight's Quest - Not much known, but it is a hilarious old school RPG game...
  • Raze 1 - The Producer's Claim to fame! The game that started it all!!!

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