The particle cannon sounds like a really mean kind of gun, but actually, it takes a bit of getting used to. What makes this weapon pretty good is the fact that it can spew out several bits of flames all over the place. The thing holding back this gun is everything else -slow firing rate, low range and relatively low damage per shot certainly spells out special-usage-only kind of weapon. Our suggestion, pass up on this device until later when you are more used to the behavior of the particle cannon.

Particle Cannon


As an upgraded model of the Burst Torch, this shotgun shoots many balls for fire at once, which will bounce off hard surfaces until hitting and igniting an organic substance.


Close Range


10% Damage x 5








5 Shots x 3 Clips






The Particle Cannon is a yellow gun with a big handle and three tubes for heated particles to come out from. The Particle Cannon is an upgraded model of the Burst Torch, or a shotgun version of the Assault Bouncer. The Particle Cannon shoots heated particles out through the three long tubes which will bounce off inclined surfaces. This weapon is a balanced gun and can be used in Long Range combat when the place is right, but it is recommended that you use it in close combat. This gun is one of the best Close Range weapons there is despite its 'mediocre' stats.


  • High damage
  • Particles go farther than other guns and can reach places normally impossible
  • Particles can cause fire damage, thus recommended by Ex. Treem
  • Bounces
  • Multiple shots
  • Great for setting traps
    Particle cannon clips

    Like the Terminator, the particle cannon has to support its damage by enlarging its clips.


  • High cost
  • Low ammo stock
  • Particles only bounce off inclined slopes.


  • This gun has as much damage as the terminator (each shot approximately -50% health)
  • Try not to shoot on slopes sloping upwards
  • Best used in Dome and Judgement
  • Ex.Treem's favorite close range weapon.
  • Its rate of fire might be slow, but this gun is unmatched for its overall damage (potential challengers: Rocket Launcher, Holy Grail).
  • Great for capture the flag as there will be a lot of opponents camping around the flag
  • Can be seen as a more powerful but not-so-fast-firing version of the Assault Bouncer
  • Also great for doing domination.
  • Can create "fire traps" efficiently.
  • Larger version of the Burst Torch
  • The fireballs spray out in a pattern and bounce almost the same way to each other.
  • Deals 50% damage every shot if all fireballs hit same person.


  • Armor Plating
  • Teleport
  • Combat Armor
  • Static Field
  • Emergency Heal


Particles 1

Notice how the bullets bounce. Please excuse the mouse in the middle. Also, notice how the particles are all in an arc when compared to each other.

Particle Cannon
Particle cannon

Notice how the fireballs spray out synchronized. They will also bounce synchronized if there was no surface edge seperating the group. It is also good to aim high when shooting long distances over gaps.

Weapons Particle Cannon clear

The icon of the Particle Cannon.

Holy Grail
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