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Photon Blaster


In the right hands, the Photon Blaster is absolutely deadly. Its spray of heated plasma rarely leaves any foe behind.




5% Damage x 3








18 Shots x 3 Clips





The photon blaster is basically a low-tech shotgun. It fire multiple bullets but it lacks the damage power you would expect of a rapid fire weapon. It does have a slight edge over the M9 or the Plasma Pistol, but other than that, this gun simply works as an gun to whip out when all your other weapons run low on bullets.



The Photon Blaster is a purple gun with a big handle. It shoots 3 purple streams of plasma that deal little damage each. It has the highest rate of fire among all sidearms, and is especially useful in close combat. Use it close to the opponent for the opponent to absorb all the blows and suffer major damage. Its high rate of fire helps soldiers to finish off the enemy relatively quickly. Sometimes great in chases. It also seemed that its a close brother to the Plasma Shot. The shape of this being fired is like Burst Torch and Shotgun inbetween - with no flames and very slight gravity restrictions.

The Photon blaster leaves a small purple spot wherever the gun is fired and where it hits.


  • Static Field

    The photon blaster on full clips.

  • Emergency Heal
  • Teleport
  • Combat Armor


Main article: Wikipedia:Photon

Photons are actually just the "alternative identity" of all matter, even antimatter, as Albert Einstein's famous equation says, e=mc². It means that energy can take on the identity of mass in certain conditions, and the other way round is the same. This process happens in stars, and the most well known star is our sun, scientific name, sol. Photons come in different energies, each with their own wavelength according to their energy. Some photons have wavelengths of up to 1 kilometres, others have wavelengths as small as 0.0001nanometres (nm). The photons with the highest energy have the shortest wavelengths and probably originate in violent explosions of stars more than 100 times the mass of our sun. In other words, a long duration gamma ray burst. The photons with the longest wavelengths are from cosmic clouds of gas and dust radiating away energy. They are alos produced by radio galaxies.

The entire electromagnetic spectrum is massive and the only part of the electromagnetic spectrum that human eyes can detect is the optical light, which is a very narrow band of the electromagnetic spectrum. Here is the order of the rays that we humans classify the photons according to their energy from most energetic to the least energetic:

Gamma rays, X-rays, Ultraviolets rays, Optical light, Infrared, Microwaves (Not officially one), and radio waves.

Photons have been around since the dawn of time.


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