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The plasma shot is basically a watered down version of the shotgun and it lacks the wider spread of the bullets. However, this is compensated by the weapon's finer accuracy -allowing you to use it on enemies that are much further away. In capture the flag scenarios, this added shot distance certainly works well when chasing down anyone who managed to grab your flag.


Plasma Shot


This shotgun rapidly fires gooey 'tenticals' that cling to their target.


Close Range


15% Damage x 5








12 Shots x 3 Clips






The Plasma Shot is a purplish gun with a targeting laser for aiming. It shoots purplish 'tentacles' for attack at a high rate of fire. Like most close range guns, the Plasma Shot has the Multi-Shot ability. You are encouraged to fire at the opponent up close to increase damage power to the max. The Plasma Shot is suited for close combat, but is not the best there is and is a cheaper alternative to the Particle Cannon, but lacks the qualities of setting an ambush that the Particle cannon posesses. It also shoots relatively fast.

Of course, to support its fast firing rate, its got to have a big clip. Constant firing weapons need even larger clips.


  • It takes more than 2 shots to kill an enemy, unlike other close range weapons.
  • It has a range level between the shotgun and the terminator
  • Has a small clip, not enough to support its firing rate.
  • It is outclassed by the Terminator and the Shotgun, due to the fact that it cannot kill an enemy in 1 hit like the shotgun, nor does it have the range and 2-hit kill power that the terminator has. The only thing it has is a high fire rate.
  • Simply outclassed
  • It is unknown what the tentacles really do to help.
  • Just around 50% the range of the shotgun
  • Great when someone previously used a shotgun or a terminator, and wants to learn to use the zapper, or have previously used the zapper and wanted to learn to use the shotgun or terminator.
  • The all round close range weapon.


  • Static Field
  • Emergency Heal
  • Cloak
  • Combat Armor


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