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Much like its pistol counter part, it fires bolts of heated plasma. However, instead of seeking out enemies, these explode on impact dealing damage to everything around them.


Long Range


45% Damage








5 Shots x 2 Clips






The Pulsator is a black plated gun with purple tubes around its surface that was meant to store energy. It shoots heated plasma at a target like its pistol counterpart. However, when the shots hit a target, instead of dealing moderate damage, it explodes, dealing major damage to everything around the target. This gun has the characteristics of an explosive weapon as it hurts everything around the target and it can also hurt you if you fire too close to the target. It deals 56% damage to the target. Best practiced in Capture the Flag insane mode.

The details of the Pulsator


  • Beware of killing yourself!
  • The only long range weapon that has a fast projectile. All others have super speed projectiles- too fast to dodge.
  • Surprisingly, it's probably the best weapon that the aliens use. The others...easily outclassed.

    The pulsator's clip. Because the pulsator's shots are half as powerful as most other long range weapons, its ammo clip size is increased...i guess...

  • Its projectiles shoot slow
  • It can deal 840% damage if its whole ammunition if used.(Including the other clips)
  • It is said to be a splash weapon while its not explosive, so you can get the "splish splash" kill bonus, which means that you have to kill a person with splash damage of a weapon without using an explosive.
  • It seemed to be a mass produced weapon in the alien invasion force.
  • The plasma doesn't look like as if it has a large splash radius but it is actually more damaging than the ion cannon in terms of suicide.
  • One of the highest numbers of sucide rates
  • Making it even worse...it arcs too quickly for it to pull its maximum range to its full extent.


  • Static Field
  • Emergency Heal
  • Katana (Especially easy because on encounters up close the pulsator will damage its user AND you can swipe your katana to finish off your self-damaged enemy.
  • Combat Armor
  • Adrenaline Boost
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A Pulsator Floats in the middle. A Shot from a pulsator is flying at the AI while the AI is shooting a railgun at me. As you can see, the pulsator shot is more gravity restricted and not instant