Reach for the sky

The achievement


One of the two secrets that you don't have to find but to work for. This secret is in the Crash Landing site.

How to get itEdit

  1. Make sure you have a sniper rifle with you
  2. Go to any match in the crash landing (night)
  3. Not much is known from here on,
  4. Go to the left jump pad and jump
  5. Let your player fall to where he/she is suppose to fall naturally from the jump pad
  6. Move right or left a bit (Not sure. Try it out a few times)
  7. shoot the sky straight up with your sniper rifle (Try doing it in quickmatch, infinite clips. It's a lot easier. Also, make sure you only have 1 very easy opponent!)
  8. Achievement earned!

(Note- This achievement is hard to aquire somtimes. Also, try doing it at crash landing, not crash landing (dawn) in quick play. Then just shoot at the glowing moon behind the bigger planet.) 

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